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IT Consulting

Sometimes an IT project or the issue that your are facing as a Businees or a Privat Person is too large or technical to plan without having an experienced team of IT professionals on hand. If that’s the case, contacting your IT service provider for consulting services may be the solution.

Computer Training

One of the largest hurdles that Businesses or Privat Persons face in keeping their software and operating systems up to date is training everyone on the newly updated systems.

Databases & Data Storage

Storage of data, files and objects as a cloud storage service

Backup Solutions

Backup solutions protect information loss from occurring by storing copies of data on external hardware or online platforms, such as a cloud service


Network services such as WIFI service at an Office or other Location that is fully supported and managed

Troubleshooting and technical support

Technical support and troubleshooting for software applications, programs and online tools

Hardware installations and maintenance

Services include hardware installations, maintenance and repair. Ex. installing the software, hard drives, printers, modems and routers

Data Synchronisation

The ongoing process of synchronizing data between two or more devices and updating changes automatically between them to maintain consistency within systems

Transaction Processing

Platforms that process business transactions such as Online Payment Platform

Mobile Platforms

Platforms for developing and operationg mobile services

End User Devices

Management and support for a fleet of technology devices. IT service for managing all computers and mobile devices

cPanel &WHM & WHMCS

Configuration support for cPanel, WHM, and WHMCS involves setting up, customizing, and maintaining these tools to meet the specific needs of a hosting business

VMWare Cross-Cloud

VMware is a popular virtualization technology used to create and manage virtual environments. It enables users to run multiple operating systems on a single physical machine, allowing for greater efficiency and flexibility in IT management

Proxmox Cloud-Environment

Proxmox is an open-source virtualization environment used to create and manage virtual machines and containers. It provides users with a web-based graphical user interface for easy management and administration of virtual environments

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